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College Infrastructure

Wi-fi Enabled Campus

The students and faculty on the campus have access to high speed Wifi connectivity to  internet.

 College Bus


Botany Lab

Computer Science Lab

Bio Technology Lab

Zoology Lab







Zoology Museum

Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab


Students Centre

Digital Library

    Central Library


The  college utilizes the available financial and other resources for maintaining and up grading different facilities available in the campus for the same, we have made various committees to supervise these facilities and inform the chair. The laboratories in the college whether science labs, Computer labs or communication labs are duly maintained by lab technicians and supervised by HODs of the concerned departments. Proper infrastructure has been provided to these labs. There is a systematic disposal of waste of all types such as bio degradable. Chemical/ chemical 2 e waste. Safety precautions high standards are adhered to in all types of laboratories available in the college.  

Library Every semester, the required list of books is taken from every department and from the available financial resources, the amount is utilized for the purchase of new books after the approval by the principal. The librarian and his team are accountable for maintain updating and enriching the library in consultation  with  the  teachers and the principal for the convenience of the students, we have kept flexible  timings for the Library. It does facilitate the students who prefer to study late after their classes. One reading room has been added to the library where students can take their own books and study. Computers are readily available in our Library. A suggestion box is installed inside the library to take users feedback. To ensure return of books, ‘no dues’ from the Library is mandatory for students before appearing in exam. A proper account of visitors (staff and students) on daily basis is maintained. The college has also registered a number of users for its DELNET. Students have an adequate access to Various newspapers, magazines and journals in our Library. Issues such as weeding out of old titles, schedule of issue / return of books etc are chalked out and resolved by the library committee.

Classrooms – The college utilizes the college development fund for the maintenance and Minor repair of furniture, building and other electrical equipments. A ‘building Committee’ has been constituted in the college which in link with the HOD’s submit the requirements to the Principal regarding classroom furniture, fans, washrooms, etc. A complaint register is maintained in the office in which students as well as faculty can register their complaints which are resolved within a set time frame.

Sports the college has got large grounds as its resources where football, basketball, badminton are played. The ground also has a cricket pitch. The college maintains and upgrades its sports facilities every year. Annual sports function was organized this year also where teachers form outer deportment also participated. Cricket matches (friendly) are organized for Staff also. This year also a cricket match for staff members was held. Along with the present staff of the sports department, students guided by requisite coaches from other institutions also.



Campus Area

 10 Acres

Class Rooms




Seminar Hall




No of Computers